Terms & Conditions

Why should I register?

1. You need to have a user registration in order to make an online booking for any of our programs. Through your member profile you can edit and check the status of your booking.

2. As a registered user can easy subscribe to our newsletter and unsubscribe later on, if you decide so.

3. If you book more programs in the future you will receive discounts, depending on the number of programs you have already participated in with us.

Privacy Policy

4. We guarantee the privacy and confidentiality of your personal information. The information submitted to our database will be secured and won’t be sold or disclosed to a third party.

Registration terms and conditions.

5. To make a successful registration and activate your user account you need to submit a valid email address. This email will be used to communicate with you with regards to changes to our programs and current updates.

6. We do not accept emails which look dubious or are associated with black hacker or spammer lists.

7. After you make a successful registration you will receive an automatic email with a code to be used to confirm the validity of your email. When we receive this confirmation your account will be reviewed and activated.

8. Please submit valid information to avoid deleting your account. If you do not validate your email for a month it will be automatically deleted.

Booking Terms & Conditions

General Terms:

1. You can book the chosen program using the online booking system on our website. Links to it are placed on the general Calendar page, on each program’s calendar or you can use the “Book Now” link which is a button placed in the main menu of each program.

2. We recommend you to book a program as a registered user – in this way you can receive discounts for future bookings. You will also make a booking faster as we will already have part of the information required. Another advantage is that you will be able to edit your bookings.

3. To confirm your booking and keep a place for you we need a deposit of minimum 50% from the program’s price. The deposit is due to be paid up to 5 working days after you book a program online. After that period your booking will be automatically cancelled. The rest of the program’s price is due at latest 10 days before the program’s start date or in the term stated in the program itself.

4. Bookings which are not confirmed will be cancelled automatically in order to free the place for other clients. Please book a place only if you a 100% sure as a participant in the chosen program.

5. It is highly recommended that you book a program at least 30 dates ahead when you select your own date for it. This is necessary for a group to be filled in case you do not want to be an individual client. We also need time to organize transport, if necessary, and to book places at the huts.

6. If we cannot gather a group for a given date up to 10 days before its start or when the final booking term comes, the program will be postponed and you will be informed for the next possible dates. If none of them is suitable for you and you decide not to participate you will be refunded the full amount of the deposit you paid.

7. The main reason for requiring a prepayment is that some people decide not to participate in the last moment, which may lead to cancelling the program if the number of clients left is less than the required minimum.

8. We offer 3 payment methods:

- Bank transfer;
- PayPal.com payment;
- MoneyBokkers.com.

9. Each online booking has the power of a contract.

Age restrictions:

10. All underage participants must provide a written declaration signed by at least one of the parents or guardians.

11. You should be no younger than 12 years. There is no limit for older people, however if you are above 60 years old you should represent a medical statement that you are fit for the climb.


12. We are not responsible for program changes caused by force majeure.

13. We are not responsible if the client is returned by the border authorities for invalid personal documents (ID card, passport) or when sanctioned for breaking the local laws.

14. We are not responsible for not fulfilling the program due to the client’s lack of physical fitness or the proper equipment for the climb.

15. We are not responsible for not fulfilling the program due to bad weather conditions, avalanche or stone falls on the route or other emergencies.

16. The guides are responsible for the client’s safety and have the right to return the client at any time and place if they decide that the client’s health and life are endangered. If that being the case we and our guides are not responsible for any actions and events that result from not following the guide’s instructions and decisions.

Changes to the programs:

17. We reserve the right to make changes to the programs if circumstances and events not in our control make us do so. In case of such changes the clients will be timely informed so that they can: accept the changes; choose another date or program; cancel their booking at no cost for the client.

18. If the group cannot reach the minimum number of participants required we can cancel the program and inform you. There is an option to offer you a different price, which will compensate for the small number of participants, however all the clients that book the program should accept the new price in order to go ahead with the program.

19. We reserve the right to cancel certain dates from the calendar if the weather conditions are bad and there is risk for the clients’ life. In that case the participants will be timely informed and will have the option to choose another program, another date for the same program or to cancel their booking at no cost for them.

Obligatory requirements for the client:

20. The client is obliged to obtain ALL the obligatory personal equipment. In case the client fails to do so, the guide has the right to return the client at a certain stage of the program, without any compensation for the client.

Cancellations and conditions for returning a paid deposit:

21. The deposit will be fully refunded to the client if the client cancels his booking at least a month before the program’s start date.

22. If the client cancels his booking less than a month before the program’s start date, the deposit can be fully refunded only in the following cases, otherwise it will be not refunded at all:

- at the time of the cancellation there isn’t a formed group yet and the cancellation doesn’t affect the carrying out of the program.

- the deposit can be refunded if the client, who makes the cancellation, finds another client to take his place and pay the costs or if a new client comes in the meantime.

23. When refunding you the deposit for your cancellation we will withhold the expenses for the bank transfer.

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