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Chamonix Mont-Blanc

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[b:e1368b1629]WELCOME IN CHAMONIX[/b:e1368b1629]

Mythical, unique, incomparable... Chamonix is all of these things, a land of legend crammed full of history and sporting feats, a natural environment the scale of which will take your breath away. Looking beyond the fascination of Chamonix and its breathtaking environment, the best way to explore this site in the heart of the area around Mont Blanc is to leave all your preconceptions behind when you arrive. Look around you, treat what you see with respect, help to protect it... Ihese simple rules will always be vital to the harmonious long-term development of the Chamonix Valley. And now its your turn to step info the legend. You can walk, run, swim, fly, share... in other words, come on up!


Chamonix, an Alpine city. As soon as you arrive you'll notice that the mountainside is everywhere you look, with the snow on the peaks which reach heights of over 3000 metres, the translucent blue of the glaciers and the green of the middle parts of the mountain. This is a good time to gradually get your bearings and to adapt to life in Chamonix.

If you've come to walk, it may be a good idea to start getting into training first on the Arve walks and then on the "Petits balcons" - footpaths which are peculiar to Chamonix with almost constantly varying levels of altitude - before you decide to head off up above 2000 metres.
If you've come to relax and recharge your batteries, make the most of the sports centre with its magnificent protected view over Mont Blanc, the charm of the city centre or explore the villages and hamlets which lie dotted around the valley (Les Bossons, Les Praz, Les Bois, Les lines, Argentiere, etc.). Each of them has a unique style in its own way.

[b:e1368b1629]THE FIRST FEELINGS OF ALTITUDE[/b:e1368b1629]

When you come to Chamonix you begin to get an idea of what the mountain is all about Before you get to the world of the heady peaks and glaciers, there are some parts which, although they are more accessible, are still well worth a visit. Step by step, you will be travelling across forests, mountain pastures, lakes, slabs of granite, you will be walking along the foot of the peaks and glaciers and then you will come to the "Belvederes" (panoramic viewpoints) which offer spectacular, unforgettable panoramic views over the Mont Blanc mountain chain and the peaks of the french, Swiss and Italian Alps. You will find yourself in an environment which is home to a delicate balance of flora and fauna. Please make sure that you do not disturb or damage anything. To get the most out of your visit and to really be at one with the magic of nature, don't forget your binoculars!

[b:e1368b1629]CLOSER TO THE MOUNTAIN TOPS[/b:e1368b1629]

At this altitude, the plant life on the middle part of the mountain gives way to a rocky, icy landscape, which tells us that we've almost reached the mountaineering and high mountain racing area. To get this far you'll need to be in good physical shape and to be aware of the safety rules to be followed at altitude. Your reward for this journey is the pure beauty of the sites and the feeling of getting away from if all and finding yourself somewhere you've never been before. If you would like to reach these heights without having to walk, the ski-lifts will take you up above 3000 metres and you will be able to look out over the spectacular surrounding peaks from various observation points and see Mont Blanc which seems to "grow" the higher you go.

[i:e1368b1629]The Chauffria, between Chamonix and Argentiere, is accessible from the "Petit balcon sud".[/i:e1368b1629]

[b:e1368b1629]HEADING OFF FOR THE HIGH MOUNTAINS[/b:e1368b1629]

Once you get up above 3500 metres, you'll find far fewer traces of human life. This is where experts and enthusiasts come to put all their knowledge and experience info practice as they scale the peaks - this an area strictly for real climbing and mountaineering buffs. Sometimes all you need is a pair of binoculars to see the parties of mountaineers all roped together on their way to Mont Blanc, the Mont Maudit, Les Drus, the Aiguille Verte, the Grepon or the Pointe Whymper, to mention just a few.

A great favourite with high mountain guides, this mineral world has made Chamonix the world mountaineering capital. Even though the days of the great feats of mountain conquest may be behind us now, a handful of hardened mountaineers do still manage the odd "first" here and there, keeping the legend alive.

[b:e1368b1629]EXPLORE AND PLAY[/b:e1368b1629]

Chamonix offers a wonderful introduction to life in the mountains and there is plenty for kids to do as well, the natural environment offers plenty of sites which are perfect for children, where they can learn in an environment which is both safe and fun. They can take their first steps on the mountainside either with their families or with professionals from the valley area and they will soon be blooming just as nature herself does here. All children who love new experiences and new excitement - whether they are dynamic or dreamy by nature - will be able to learn various sports, go off looking for animals and start to learn about the history of the glaciers and peaks.

Even very young children can gain immense enjoyment from learning to love and respect the mountains. Far from their everyday lives, here they will find a thousand and one things to marvel at and they will also have a chance to explore all the freedom that comes from being at one with nature.

[b:e1368b1629]SHHHH! NATURE RESERVES[/b:e1368b1629]

Carlaveyron, Aiguilles Rouges, Brevent... Chamonix has many nature reserves covering a protected area of several thousand hectares. When you visit these realms of spruces and larches, rhododendrons and dwarf junipers, black grouse and several varieties of hare, along with golden eagles and migrating birds, please follow our "Code of good conduct in the nature reserves of the Chamonix valley":

- please do not bring your dog along, to make sure that the plant life is left undisturbed;
- please do not pick the flowers, so that everyone can admire them;
- please do not camp out and please do not light fires, so that there are no traces that you have even been this way;
- please try to avoid making noise and do not do anything which might cause a disturbance;
- please stay on the main paths to avoid damaging the environment;
- please respect other nature reserve users.

[b:e1368b1629]FORCE AND EMOTION[/b:e1368b1629]

In Chamonix you will see nature expressing herself in every imaginable way as well as the awesome power of the mountains, with spectacular landscapes which will amaze you with just how different from one another they are; water, ice, forest, snow or granite. With each step you take, you will see natural phenomena which will leave you astounded, marvelling or simply bewildered. Exploring a new world could hardly offer more of a change of scene or be more exciting!

The more contemplative among you will find something new to gaze upon in wonder every single day, those of you who are more into sports may go further afield to seek out the curiosities and legends which make the area around Mont Blanc so totally unique. There is something for everyone in Chamonix and everyone will find something different to do here, at an altitude of between 1035 and 4810 metres.

[i:e1368b1629]Summit of the Aiguille Verte[/i:e1368b1629]



Chamonix and its immediate surroundings allow you to evolve in the centre of an exceptional location. Down in the valley floor or up in the mountains, beginners or experts alike can practice a multitude of sports. Depending on your level of expertise, the valley's sporting professionals can offer you an immense choice of options adapted to your every wish & requirement (pages 5-7).

During your sojourn, you can also discover the valley's vast natural environment: the flora, the protected fauna (please don't forget this), the omnipresent mountains with their glaciers and summits towering above 3000 metres.

[b:e1368b1629]2. MONT BLANC: TO CONQUEST OR TO CONTEMPLATE[/b:e1368b1629]

From the summit of its 4810 m, Mont-Blanc watches over Chamonix. Its ascent requires good sporting & technical aptitudes and an in-depth knowledge of high altitude mountains. Preliminary training in alpinism and the services of a professional mountain guide are strongly advised. The numerous lift systems in the valley (page 3) allows the lesser sporting visitor to observe Mont-Blanc from a completely different perspective.

[b:e1368b1629]3. THE AIGUILLE DU MIDI: FASCINATING[/b:e1368b1629]

This is one of the major emblems in Chamonix. In twenty minutes, two cable-cars will take you from the valley floor in Chamonix up to the arrival station perched on a rocky spur at an altitude of 3842 m, in the heart of some of the highest peaks in Europe. The panorama from the specially built observation platform is simply fabulous (see the hours, tariffs and reservation details on page 3).

[b:e1368b1629]4. LA MER DE GLACE: CAPTIVATING[/b:e1368b1629]

Leaving from Chamonix, the Montenvers rack & pinion train will take you up to an altitude of 1913 m and the Mer de Glace, the biggest glacier in France : 7 km long, with a surface area of 40 km2 and 200 meters thick. From here, one of the most beautiful natural sites in Europe, you can view the magnificence of rock and ice (see page 3 for train times and tariffs).

[b:e1368b1629]5. HIKING FOR ALL[/b:e1368b1629]

The Chamonix valley is perfectly equipped for walking, hiking and discovering the mountains at any altitude. With over 350 km of footpaths in low & mid-altitude - representing the biggest & best kept network of footpaths in the Haute-Savoie region - there is a multitude of walks for all levels, easy promenades with the family or longer more difficult, adventurous hikes (page 4).

[b:e1368b1629]6. CHILDREN AND ALTITUDE[/b:e1368b1629]

Children, and in particular babies and infants, are sensitive to the effects of altitude so certain precautions should be taken. In general, it is not advisable to take small infants on the lift systems and they should never be taken up to high altitudes. Before undertaking any hike or outing in the mountains you should seek medical advice. Always remember to protect them from the effects of the sun (which are strongest in the mountains) with appropriate sun cream (minimum protection 25), ensure they have good sun glasses and head protection from the sun's rays. Keep in mind that boredom and fatigue appears quickly in small children, so avoid long walks and hikes.

[b:e1368b1629]7. ACCOMODATION: A LARGE AND VARIED CHOICE[/b:e1368b1629]

Hotels, apartments and flats, mountain refuges, gites, bed & breakfast, rented accommodation... you will find full details of what is on offer in the booklet Les Carnets de I'hebergement, available from the Tourist Office or on the web site: [url]www.chamonix.com[/url]. For additional help in reserving your accomodation don't hesitate to contact the reservation centre at the following web site: [url]http://reservation.chamonix.com[/url] (see page 10).

[b:e1368b1629]8 CAR PARKS[/b:e1368b1629]

Chamonix has 3800 short or long stay (weekly) parking spaces. There are also special parking spaces reserved for camping cars (see page 2).

[i:e1368b1629]Les Drus[/i:e1368b1629]

[b:e1368b1629]HOW TO GET TO CHAMONIX

1. ACCESS BY RAIL[/b:e1368b1629]

- TGV Paris to Annecy, then connection to Saint-Gervais/Le Fayet to Vallorcine, to the SNCF train station in Chamonix. Information 08 92 35 35 35.

[b:e1368b1629]2. ACCESS BY ROAD[/b:e1368b1629]

- The Autoroute Blanche motorway is part of the European motorway network.
- From Paris: A6 (direction Lyon) then A40 (dir. Annecy/Geneva) then N205.
- From Switzerland: 16 km from Switzerland via the Col des Montets moun¬tain pass.
- From Italy: 11 km from Italy via the Mont-Blanc tunnel.

[b:e1368b1629]3. ACCESS BY AIR[/b:e1368b1629]

- Geneva-Cointrin International Airport (88 km), + 41 (0)22 717 71 11. Daily bus connections from the airport to Chamonix. Information: bus station office at the SNCF train station (SAT : 04 50 53 01 15) or Tourist Office.
- Lyon/Saint-Exupery International Airport (220 km), 04 72 22 72 21. Bus connections: private transfer services. Satobus Alpes, 04 37 255 255
- Annecy-Meythet Airport (90 km), 04 50 27 30 06.

[b:e1368b1629]4. BUS CONNECTIONS[/b:e1368b1629]

- Connections with Geneva, the main resorts of the "Mont-Blanc country" and Italy. Departure in front of the SNCF train station. Information: bus station office at the SNCF train station 04 50 53 01 15 or Tourist Office.
- Airport transfer service: 16, cours du Bartavel 04 50 53 63 97.
- Chamonix transfer service: 11, avenue du Savoy 04 50 53 73 68.

[b:e1368b1629]5. TAXIS CONNECTIONS[/b:e1368b1629]

Agilis Taxi - 08 00 77 68 28
Cham Taxi - 04 50 53 19 14
Taxi Buton - 06 07 19 70 36
Taxi Gopee - 06 07 02 22 13
Taxi Monard - 04 50 55 86 28
Taxi Rousseau - 06 07 67 88 85
Station (gare) - 04 50 53 13 94


- By train[/b:e1368b1629]

The SNCF railway line stops at all the local villages between St-Gervais/Le Fayet and Martigny (Switzerland). July-August : roughly 1 train every hour. Best summer plans. Information : 08 92 35 35 35. Chamonix 04 50 53 12 98 (9 am-4 pm).

[b:e1368b1629]- By bus[/b:e1368b1629]

Chamonix Bus : 591, promenade Marie Paradis. Regular bus service throughout the whole of the valley (free circulation with the "Carte d'hote" guest card). 04 50 53 05 55 - Fax 04 50 55 95 59.

[b:e1368b1629]- By car[/b:e1368b1629]

Europcar: 36, place de la Gare
04 50 53 63 40 - Fax 04 50 53 91 32.
Chamonix Autoloc Hertz : 11, av du Savoy
04 50 53 73 68 - Fax 04 50 53 61 39.

[b:e1368b1629]- By minibus[/b:e1368b1629]

Chamonix Transfer Service : 11, avenue du Savoy. 2 to 8 place minibus. 06 62 05 57 38 - Fax 04 50 53 61 39.

[b:e1368b1629]- Tourist train[/b:e1368b1629]

Leaving from in front of the town hall and the Aiguille du Midi cable-car, every day from 10 am to 7 pm. Running commentary. Adults : 4 ?, children : 2,50 ?. Group rates : please ask us. 04 50 53 11 24.

[b:e1368b1629]- Car parks[/b:e1368b1629]

2 covered car parks : Entreves and Saint-Michel (behind the church) : free for the first hour. Weekly tariff: 31 ? or 23 ? with the guest card. Place du Mont-Blanc : free for the first 40 mins. Place du Grepon : free for the first 30 mins. 04 50 53 65 71.

[b:e1368b1629]- Camping cars[/b:e1368b1629]

All the camp sites in the valley welcome camping cars (the camp site listing is available from the Tourist Office). Authorized parking in the Grepon car park (paying).

Tank emptying spot. Water point nearby and also at the parking of the Cascade du Dard, on the road up to the Mont-Blanc tunnel.

[b:e1368b1629]- Excursions[/b:e1368b1629]

• [u:e1368b1629]Coach trips[/u:e1368b1629]:

Discover the Mont-Blanc region and nearby Switzerland... SAT: 04 50 53 01 15. Chamonix Bus : 04 50 53 05 55.

• [u:e1368b1629]By car[/u:e1368b1629]:

Day trips out to explore the Haute-Savoie area. Among the natural and cultural sites : the old town and the lake in Annecy, the geographical circus at Fer a Cheval, the villages and the countryside of les Aravis, the goat village of Les Lindarets, the banks of Lake Leman (Thonon, Yvoire...).

[color=red:e1368b1629][b:e1368b1629]TO BE CONTINUED ...[/b:e1368b1629][/color:e1368b1629]

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    Adam Ondra изкатери първото в света 9c във Flatanger, Норвегия
    На 3 септември Adam Ondra направи първото свободно изкачване на своя проект наречен Project Hard. Маршрутът се намира в пещерата Flatanger, Норвегия и 24-годишният чешкият катерач оцени като 9c. Това разбира се трябва да бъде потвърдено и чак след това 45-метровата линия ще ...
  • 05/06/2017

    Алекс Хонълд изкачи свободно соло Ел Капитан

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    Алекс Хонълд изкачи свободно соло Ел Капитан
    В събота известният катерач Алекс Хонълд стана първият човек, който изкачва Ел Капитан без да използва въжета или други обезопасителни съоръжения и извърши вероятно най-великото постижение в историята на чистото скално катерене.
  • 23/05/2017

    Kilian Jornet постави нов рекорд за скоростно изкачване на връх Еверест

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    Kilian Jornet постави нов рекорд за скоростно изкачване на връх Еверест
    Ски алпинистът и ултрабегач Kilian Jornet постави един нов рекорд за скоростно изкачване на най-високият връх в света - Еверест в раните часове на 22 май, качвайки се на върха за 26 часа. 29-годишният испанец премина по маршрута през Северната стена в едно единично катерене б ...
  • 23/05/2017

    Представяне на La Sportiva G5 по време на ISPO 2017

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    Представяне на La Sportiva G5 по време на ISPO 2017
    La Sportiva G5 е ултра технична водозащитена обувка за височинен алпинизъм и работа навън в студени условия. Тя е лесна за обуване дори с ръкавици благодарение на новата системата от връзки Boa® в долната част на обувката и велкро лепенките в горната й част. Обувката е направ ...
  • 11/05/2017

    Представяне на новият челник Petzl Tikka Hybrid

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    Представяне на новият челник Petzl Tikka Hybrid
    Проста и компактна, новата TIKKA предлага 200 лумена яркост и широко разпръсване на светлината. С дълга продължителност на осветяването тя е практична за аутдор активности като къмпинг или трекинг, или за пътуване и също за ежедневни активности около дома или колата. Фосфорес ...
  • 10/05/2017

    Плащане с кредитни и дебитни карти

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    От днес вече ще можете бързо, лесно и сигурно да плащате своите онлайн поръчки с кредитни или дебитни карти през системата на Борика, без да заплащате излишни комисионни. Вече няма да е нужно да се регистрирате в различни разплащателни платформи и да преминавате през дълги процедури по оторизацията им. Магазин Вертикален свят изцяло покрива ра ...
  • 03/11/2016

    Представяне на La Sportiva Skwama

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    Представяне на La Sportiva Skwama
    В това ревю Neil Gresham, Adrian Baxter и Stu Littlefair говорят за най-новата катерачна иновация на La Sportiva, технологията "S-Heel", която е част от новите модели еспадрили Skwama и Otaki. Skwama са чувствителни, пасващи удобно, меки катерачни обувки идеални за топ постиж ...

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