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Oman: Adventure Climbers' Paradise

Dave Pickford - http://www.planetfear.com  |  Редактирана на 24/08/2006

[img:ed2f7e5890]http://www.planetfear.com/includes/images/uploaded/64200668122733AW-1st-ascent.jpg[/img:ed2f7e5890] [img:ed2f7e5890]http://www.planetfear.com/includes/images/uploaded/94200668124144Boulder-WAA.jpg[/img:ed2f7e5890]

[i:ed2f7e5890]1. Andy Whittaker making a first ascent in Wadi Kubarah. 2. Bouldering in Wadi al Ayn[/i:ed2f7e5890]

[b:ed2f7e5890]Part 1: Introduction to Jebel Misht and the Jebel Akdar Region[/b:ed2f7e5890]

Hugging the south-eastern most corner of the Arabian peninsula, Oman is a country of striking oppositions: from the glaring opulence of the oil-rich glitterati driving around Muscat in brand new BMW’s, to the relaxed humility of the dhow-builders in the small coastal boatyards and the eager laughter of the spice traders in the souk.

And these contrasts are mirrored in Oman’s weather and physical geography, from the heady tropical air that blows in on the suhali (a south-easterly wind) off the Indian Ocean to the desiccated aridity of the westerlies that comb the sands of the Rub’ al Khali - The Empty Quarter - before they rise across Jebel Akdar, Arabia’s highest mountains. And, by way of continuity, for the rock climber this pattern of rich contrast is mirrored in Oman’s immense and various tapestry of limestone crags.


[i:ed2f7e5890]Jebel Misht from the south west, with 1000m routes on its mighty shoulder[/i:ed2f7e5890]

Just a few kilometres from the adventurer’s nirvana that is Jebel Misht - the highest cliff in Arabia - Wadi Dhum holds a clandestine spree of immaculate bouldering and micro-routes, on rock that has been water-scoured into sublime curvature by the infrequent but torrential runoff from the 10,000ft Jebel Shams.

And on the elusive peninsula of Musandam, lying on the apex of the Straits of Hormuz, a quite unique contrast of modern rock climbing styles exists: within the same square kilometre, one may revel in deep water soloing over the clear waters of the Arabian Gulf whilst a few hundred metres away a team could be engrossed in an alpine-scale adventure climb up to 2000ft long. There can be few places on earth where such a whirlygig of climbing possibilities revolve within as relatively small a geographical area. But then Oman is a country in which the astounding invades and repossesses the commonplace; a country where camels are still ridden by men wearing kanjars (traditional daggers) and wielding Winchester rifles, who share roads with stretch-limousines, amid desert mountains that remain virtually lost in time, yet stand adjacent to the proliferating flare stacks of new oil wells.

[i:ed2f7e5890]Ancient ‘Bat Tombs’, with Jebel Misht in the background[/i:ed2f7e5890]

There is at present only one cliff in Oman that is truly established as a rock climbing arena: Jebel Misht. Approaching from the west, its crenulated ridge looms over 4000ft above the dry river bed of Wadi al Ayn, and dramatically defines the beginning of Oman’s high country. A first sighting of the south-west face is made particularly memorable if one stops at the Bat Tombs, a series of beehive-shaped burial chambers which are dated around 3500 B.C. Their location on a low rise close to Al Ayn village is an excellent vantage point from which to study the gargantuan sweep of the S.W. face. Viewed from below, the way in which this impressive chain of tombs mirrors the profile of Misht itself is a phenomena worth more than a cursory glance.

The dominating arete of the cliff was the first recorded rock climb in Oman, ascended in 1979 by a group of Chamonix guides using prolific siege tactics. It reportedly took them almost a month from base to summit, using some aid and many fixed ropes. Sultan bin Quaboos was obviously impressed, despite the Himalayan ethic, as he had the climbers helicoptered off the top for a congratulatory coffee at his Muscat palace. The second ascent in 1993 only took two days, and confirmed the route at English E3, with the hardest climbing in the first 3 pitches; the challenge of a single-day ascent of this highest part of the face remains, however, as all the other routes hereabouts have taken two days or more.


[i:ed2f7e5890]‘Shallow water bouldering’ in Wadi al Ayn![/i:ed2f7e5890]

The equally impressive expanse of the S.E. face has been climbed in a single day by three teams, first by Paul Ramsden on his route Eastern Promise (E3, 1000m) in a very fast ten hours, and secondly by Geoff Hornby on his Infantida (E1, 950m) - the most amenable route on the wall. A worthwhile direct linkup of these two routes was climbed in a day by Andy Whittaker and myself, with a direct finish up the tower of the South East Pillar - Inshalla Salam - at E3 (1000m). The descent is down the slopes of the north face, and takes two to three hours. Bearing well to the right (north east) as you descend is advised, especially in the dark, which is almost inevitable if you are going for a one day ascent! Almost all of the gullies leading directly off the ridge end up plunging over various short cliffs halfway down the north face.

In February 2003, a strong German team forced a line up the most impressive part of the S.E. face: Make Love Not War is equipped with bolt belays/abseil stations up to the 18th pitch and uses an alpine-style bolting ethic, the crux 5th pitch going at F7b and the climbing from pitch 6 to 18 is sustained between F6b and F7a, and much of it offers superb, open wall climbing. There are reports that the same team climbed another, similar but slightly harder line hereabouts, but details of this remain elusive at present.


[i:ed2f7e5890]1. Bat Tombs and Wadi Al Ayn, Jebel Akdar. 2. Andy Whittaker on Marzipan Boulder[/i:ed2f7e5890]

Another significant recent addition to Jebel Misht is the work of adventure-climbing veterans Pat Littlejohn and Steve Sustad: their route, Icarus (1000m, E4) is perhaps the most impressive line on the S.E. face. It climbs a long, shallow groove system to the right of the arete of the French Pillar, and then breaks through a daunting roof at around 450m to eventually arrive on the long terrace at three-quarters height. The route finishes up a spectacular, tapering continuation groove, and was climbed over three days, with a bivi at the base and another on the big terrace.

Heading east from Misht towards the lower slopes of Jebel Shams, with their spectacular swirling anticlines, the blacktop ends beyond Al Ayn village and a graded dirt road leads through a picturesque oasis of dense palms and some old mud-brick houses, and into the opening of Wadi Dhum. This is a great place to relax after a day or two of adventuring on Misht, with a beautifully cool, damned lake for swimming and - for the energetic - some of the finest limestone bouldering you are ever likely to stumble upon. Although the rock on the canyon walls is generally poor, the boulders here have been pounded smooth and hard by the sporadic runoff from Jebel Shams and sculpted into undercut waves and outlandish, scooped walls and aretes.


[i:ed2f7e5890]Skeletal tree in Wadi al Ayn[/i:ed2f7e5890]

Recalling the experience of a very strong team who were in the Shivling region a few years ago, with a view to some super-alpinism but instead spent much time on the perfect granite boulders around base camp, it would be easy to shun the effort of slogging up to Jebel Misht and spend a week in the shadowy depths of Wadi Dhum and the surrounding area, discovering dozens of new boulders and micro-routes every day.

[b:ed2f7e5890]Part 2: Deep Water Soloing and Big-Walling in the Musandam Peninsula[/b:ed2f7e5890]

Although the Jebel Misht area has seen by far the most attention from climbers, another Arabian limestone mecca lies a few hundred kilometres to the north, in the shape of the fascinating Musandam peninsula. The most remote Musadami settlements are accessible only by sea, and it is reported that some of the locals still speak a remarkable pidgin-language known as Kumzari, a hybrid of Arabic, Hindi, Portuguese and English; a legacy of the strategically important location of Musandam during the time of the spice trade.

[img:ed2f7e5890]http://www.planetfear.com/includes/images/uploaded/2820066229172Suhali.jpg[/img:ed2f7e5890] [img:ed2f7e5890]http://www.planetfear.com/includes/images/uploaded/100200662293137DhowagArete.jpg[/img:ed2f7e5890]

[i:ed2f7e5890]1. Dave Pickford on the first ascent of ‘Suhali’ XS 5c, perhaps the first of a wave of DWS in Musandam. 2. Dave on the first ascent of ‘Dhowager’s Arete’ E1 5a, Musandam[/i:ed2f7e5890]

The road to Khasab, the peninsula’s capital, is an impressive piece of civil engineering, carving its way along a precipitous coastline, under high cliffs and through narrow coastal canyons, until arriving beyond Khasab in the wide drainage bowl of Wadi Sal’al’Ala. I climbed a couple of excellent short routes on the crags below this road, perhaps the first deep water solos in the Arabian Gulf, and certainly the tip of a proverbial iceberg of DWS at Musandam. A day’s reconnaissance trip on a boat by Andy revealed countless crags that would offer fantastic climbing over deep water. In the tradition of climbing in Vietnam’s Halong Bay, hiring a dhow for a week or two would be the way to explore these cliffs in style!

Taking the graded road inland from Khasab, you will pass numerous unclimbed buttresses of between 50 and 250 metres, until arriving at a fork junction marked by two large green signs. Continuing straight on, the road climbs steeply up to the highest pass (1565m) of Musandam: the views of both Jebel Ras Sarkan (2087m) and the big cliffs at the head of Wadi Sal’al’Ala from this road are spectacular. Again, no rock climbing has been done on these cliffs; any explorations here will certainly be highly adventurous, with some loose rock and complex descents. It is possible, although rather ill-advised, to ascend this road in a 2wd vehicle. I managed it in a hopelessly underpowered Toyota rental car, which proved to be an entertaining and sustained friction challenge on loose rock (!). With more than two people a 4wd would definitely be required.

[img:ed2f7e5890]http://www.planetfear.com/includes/images/uploaded/78200662292513PirOfHorm.jpg[/img:ed2f7e5890] [img:ed2f7e5890]http://www.planetfear.com/includes/images/uploaded/30200662292928ExOfPesh.jpg[/img:ed2f7e5890]

[i:ed2f7e5890]1. Andy Whittaker on the first ascent of the 400m ‘Pirates of Hormuz’, Musandam. 2. Andy on the first ascent of ‘The Exile of Peshawar’ E6, 5b, 6a, 5c, one of Oman's hardest routes[/i:ed2f7e5890]

Taking the left-hand fork at the two green signs, the road leads east into the subkha bowl at the head of Wadi Sal’al’Ala. The second to last right-hand turn in this bowl (signposted A’Shwarga) leads south towards Wadi A’Shwarga. As one nears the opening of the canyon, a tremendous arete becomes visible on the left, emerging from the depths of a dark, north facing couloir: this was climbed by Andy Whittaker and myself, and proved to be a superb 400 metre excursion on excellent rock. Pirates of Hormuz is a potential classic of Arabian limestone; the first 150 metres, at no more than V Diff standard, leads up to the steeper upper slab where three pitches of escalating difficulty (E1 5a, E2 5b, E2 5b) gain access to the summit arete, where another 150 metres of climbing no harder than Severe leads to the ridge. The descent is tricky and takes around an hour, but the camping spot at the base is perfect. And, almost predictably, there is some superb bouldering within a minute’s walk from here.

Walking up into Wadi A’Shwarga itself, some very impressive cliffs tower above the dark coolness of the dry riverbed. Andy and I climbed a groove system on Chicane Buttress, about a kilometre up the wadi on the left-hand side, so named as the canyon twists in an S-bend corner here. The Exile of Peshawar (E6, 5b, 6a, 5c) is probably the hardest traditionally protected route in Arabia, taking the compelling staggered groove in the toe of the buttress in three contrasting pitches.


[i:ed2f7e5890]Andy bouldering in Musandam[/i:ed2f7e5890]

It hardly need be mentioned that the potential for adventurous new climbs in the Musandam peninsula, and indeed throughout Oman, is prodigious in the extreme. Next time it’s freezing cold and raining in northern Europe, buy an Arabic phrase book and head for this far flung corner of the Middle East. You’ll get a tan, make friends with the Bedu, and see so much unclimbed mountain limestone you’ll wonder why people bother doing new routes in the Dolomites any more.

[b:ed2f7e5890]Fact File[/b:ed2f7e5890]

[u:ed2f7e5890]Getting there[/u:ed2f7e5890]:

B.A., Swiss Air, Emirates and Gulf Air all fly from Heathrow to Muscat. These flights can be expensive (around £500 return) but car hire in Muscat is generally very cheap (around £12 per day ). If the Musandam peninsula sounds like your thing, it would probably be much cheaper to fly to Dubai and hire a vehicle there. Try flightcentre.co.uk, travelbag.co.uk, kelkoo.co.uk, or opodo.co.uk for good deals on flights to Arabia. All the major care-hire companies operate from Muscat and Dubai airports.

[u:ed2f7e5890]When to go[/u:ed2f7e5890]:

The hot season in Arabia starts in April and lasts well into October. Summer temperatures soar to well over 50 degrees C, making any strenuous activity in direct sunlight impossible. Even November can still be pretty hot. The best months for climbing are December, January, February, and March (the latter two have the advantage of slightly longer days - you’ll appreciate that extra daylight on Jebel Misht!). The temperature during this period is a very pleasant 20-25 degrees during the day. Nights in January can be as cold as 0-4 degrees. The little rain that falls here usually occurs between December and February, but unless you’re very unlucky it won’t amount to much.


[i:ed2f7e5890]Hamada Plain, Musandam[/i:ed2f7e5890]

[u:ed2f7e5890]Visas and red tape[/u:ed2f7e5890]:

Oman is a very easy country to enter, you can purchase a 30-day tourist visa (which can be easily extended) on arrival at Muscat airport, or at any terrestrial border post. No permits are necessary to enter any of the areas specified in this article, although strictly speaking you are supposed to have ‘special insurance’ (which can be expensive) to drive an Omani hire car into the UAE, en route to Musandam. In practice this is not absolutely necessary.

[u:ed2f7e5890]Guidebooks and information[/u:ed2f7e5890]:

There is a guide, Rock Climbing in Oman, by R.A. McDonald (Apex Publishing, 1993), which can be bought online from soukofoman.com. It is something of an overview of the climbing potential in the country rather than a comprehensive guide, although it contains a rather long and entertaining description of The French Route on Jebel Misht. There is little other current information, although work is in progress for a guide to climbing on Jebel Misht. Topos can be found for Icarus and the German route Make Love Not War at [url=http://mountaininfo.com]mountaininfo.com[/url].


[i:ed2f7e5890]The mountains of Musandam[/i:ed2f7e5890]

[u:ed2f7e5890]Where to stay[/u:ed2f7e5890]:

There are a few rather expensive hotels in Muscat, but there is certainly nowhere to stay within close reach of the Jebel Misht region. Wild camping, however, is tolerated by the locals, and the climate in Oman is perfect for it. If you camp near someone’s house or farm, you will almost certainly receive a warm welcome of coffee and dates, and it will do the reputation and future interests of climbers much good if you are as friendly as possible, and leave them a box of oranges or some other small gift on your departure. At Musandam, the same is true, although the Khasab Hotel is within striking distance of the climbing.

[u:ed2f7e5890]Hints and tips[/u:ed2f7e5890]:

* If you are wild camping, remember to fortify your tent against the goats when you go climbing, as they will invade and consume everything!

* If you’re invited in by the locals, remember to take off your shoes before you go inside.

* Hardly any Omanis outside Muscat speak English, so investing in a standard Arabic phrasebook is a very good idea.

* Watch out for camels on the roads (they have absolute priority when crossing!) and the notorious ‘Omani shuffle’, a driving technique which involves drifting across the highway for an extended period before turning left of right.

* Always check your shoes and sleeping bag for scorpions. There are many poisonous snakes in Oman, but they are generally fairly dormant in winter. Watch out for them anywhere close to a water source.


[i:ed2f7e5890]A good catch dries in the sun[/i:ed2f7e5890]

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    Излезе от печат автобио-графията на безапе-лационния символ на съвременното катерене Алекс Хонълд. Защо го правиш? Не се ли страхуваш, че ще умреш? Два въпроса, с които Алекс Хонълд е обстрелван почти ежедневно. 32-годишният катерач е необяснима загадка – също като невъзможни ...
  • 23/05/2017

    Kilian Jornet постави нов рекорд за скоростно изкачване на връх Еверест


    Kilian Jornet постави нов рекорд за скоростно изкачване на връх Еверест
    Ски алпинистът и ултрабегач Kilian Jornet постави един нов рекорд за скоростно изкачване на най-високият връх в света - Еверест в раните часове на 22 май, качвайки се на върха за 26 часа. 29-годишният испанец премина по маршрута през Северната стена в едно единично катерене б ...
  • 23/05/2017

    Представяне на La Sportiva G5 по време на ISPO 2017


    Представяне на La Sportiva G5 по време на ISPO 2017
    La Sportiva G5 е ултра технична водозащитена обувка за височинен алпинизъм и работа навън в студени условия. Тя е лесна за обуване дори с ръкавици благодарение на новата системата от връзки Boa® в долната част на обувката и велкро лепенките в горната й част. Обувката е направ ...
  • 11/05/2017

    Представяне на новият челник Petzl Tikka Hybrid


    Представяне на новият челник Petzl Tikka Hybrid
    Проста и компактна, новата TIKKA предлага 200 лумена яркост и широко разпръсване на светлината. С дълга продължителност на осветяването тя е практична за аутдор активности като къмпинг или трекинг, или за пътуване и също за ежедневни активности около дома или колата. Фосфорес ...
  • 10/05/2017

    Плащане с кредитни и дебитни карти


    От днес вече ще можете бързо, лесно и сигурно да плащате своите онлайн поръчки с кредитни или дебитни карти през системата на Борика, без да заплащате излишни комисионни. Вече няма да е нужно да се регистрирате в различни разплащателни платформи и да преминавате през дълги процедури по оторизацията им. Магазин Вертикален свят изцяло покрива ра ...
  • 06/01/2017

    Новата планинарска и фрийрайд седалка Petzl Altitude


    Новата планинарска и фрийрайд седалка Petzl Altitude
    ALTITUDE е ултралека планинарска и скиорска седалка, която можете да сложите, докато сте със ски или котки на краката. Направена е с конструкцията WIREFRAME и тежи само 150 g.
  • 31/12/2016

    Нов смесен маршрут на Пиц Бадиле


    Нов смесен маршрут на Пиц Бадиле
    На 16 ноември 2016 Marcel Schenk и Simon Gietl направиха първото изкачване на Amore di Vetro (800 метра, M5, R) - един нов леден и смесен маршрут на Североизточната стена на Пиц Бадиле.
  • 03/11/2016

    Представяне на La Sportiva Skwama


    Представяне на La Sportiva Skwama
    В това ревю Neil Gresham, Adrian Baxter и Stu Littlefair говорят за най-новата катерачна иновация на La Sportiva, технологията "S-Heel", която е част от новите модели еспадрили Skwama и Otaki. Skwama са чувствителни, пасващи удобно, меки катерачни обувки идеални за топ постиж ...

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